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pelafina like a word too much spoken loses all meaning

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Once upon a time, years and years ago, there were fairy tales about someone.

I read them, sometimes. And sometimes they're right.

I'm not writing a fairy tale. There's not (quite) enough blood.

Look ma, I actually have friends.

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Cassie is a rabid schizoid snow leopard convinced she's a human and living out her life as such. She's currently seeking more fulfilling employment and a way out of the black hole.
Strengths: Intelligent, articulate, well-rounded, occasionally able to leave the house by herself.
Weaknesses: Withers in sunlight, complains too much, and has a miniscule case of topical fixation.
Special Skills: Expert application of chocolate chips, exceedingly skilled moping, realistic purr when scratched right.
Weapons: Killer cleavage, twisted witlash, occasional visions, extremely pointy canine teeth.
Lyric of the Moment: "Last night I dreamt I'd forgotten my name 'cause I'd sold my soul -- but I won't. Just the same, I'm so lonely -- I wish I was the moon tonight."

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feminism, gaming, invisible briefcases, rp
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